How to Fix Document Problems in Bussid

Sometimes, after downloading the game, there is a documented problem when we open it. Now I will tell you how to Fix Document Problems in Bussid. Whatever device you have, all you have to do is follow these steps.

How to Fix Document Problems in Bussid
  • Click the Choose button.
  • After clicking the Choose button, you will go to my files and see your mobile name. You have to click on your mobile name.
  • After that, you need to go there, create a folder, and name the folder BUSSID in capital letters.
  • After creating the folder, you have to go inside the folder, and you will find the option to use that folder. Click on it.
  • After clicking on this option, you will be asked for permission. You have to click on the allow button, and you will go directly to the game.
  • After going to the game, you will see another error. There is nothing to worry about. You click on the Choose button again, and then you will go to my files. There, you have to click on the Use this folder button. So, the game will start automatically.

How to Fix bussid Mod Apk Login, Relogin, and Connection Problems

In the bus simulator Indonesia mod APK, sometimes the game has a connection error, login, or re-login problem. Now I will tell you how to solve this problem. Whatever mobile you have, this method will work in every mobile

  • To fix this problem, you need to open your mobile settings first.
  • After opening the mobile settings, you have to search for apps there.
  • There, you just have to open the game.
  • There, you have to open mobile data and wifi options
  • There, you have to turn off background data and turn it back on.
  • Turn on data usage under it, and then turn it off again.
  • After doing all this, you have to click on the storage and cache options.
  • There, you have to clear the cache and clear storage.
  • After doing all this, restart your mobile.
  • The next steps are very easy.

Disadvantages of errors in Bus Simulator Indonesia

Lack of graphics and detailed

One disadvantage of the error in the Indonesian Bus Simulator is that it lacks graphics and details. This prevents gamers from feeling real and makes immersing themselves in the game challenging.

Difficulties in diagnosing computer malfunctions

Indonesian Bus Simulator has computer graphics issues in some cases that take some of the fun out of the game. This often disrupts the game, and the gamer fails to respond appropriately at any given moment.

Technical errors and hang-ups

Indonesian Bus Simulator has received many complaints of technical glitches and hangs that affect gameplay at various levels. These errors make the game uninteresting, and the gamer gets frustrated quickly.

Machines and path uncertainty

Another significant error is the unpredictability of machines and paths in the Bus Simulator Indonesia mod apk. Gamers sometimes do not match the movement of the machines and the shape of the displayed paths, which reduces the game’s fun.

Updates and Support Issues

Indonesian Bus Simulator also has updates and support issues. Not getting proper updates or support cycles from the game company frustrates gamers and affects their gaming experience.

Tips to avoid errors in bussid

Check each bus

It is important to check each bus correctly when playing Bus Simulator Indonesia. With a complete condition and technical checklist for each bus, it ensures your experience is smooth.

Arrange in Path Opportunities

Your goal is to achieve equality in all situations. Optimizing your path is an important step that helps you reach your destination.

Use fresh routes

Driving in Bus Simulator Indonesia is a skill that everyone has. Fresh routes are exciting every time, and they force you to face new challenges. This will improve your bus driving skills, and you will find yourself more agile.

Drive the bus properly.

Driving the bus properly can improve your gaming experience. When you are driving a bus, you must drive the bus smartly and smoothly.

Use of different henge and methods

The use of different hanga and mods is very important in bus Simulator Indonesia. It allows you to drive the bus in different conditions and environments, further enhancing your skills.

Essential techniques for driving and parking

Learning important driving and parking techniques is the best way to park your bus safely and correctly. As your driving skills improve, you will complete the journey successfully every time.


These errors and glitches in the Indonesian Bus Simulator make it a challenge for gaming enthusiasts. We hope the game company will fix these issues and improve the gaming experience.

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