Bus Simulator Indonesia V/S Mobile Bus Simulator.

You have always wanted to enjoy driving a bus, and you searched for “Bus Simulator Indonesia V/S Mobile Bus Simulator” on Google to get this delicious experience on your mobile device. We are here to help you and make the best decision as to which simulator is best for you.

Bus Simulator Indonesia V/S Mobile Bus Simulator

Bus Simulator Indonesia: The most popular and reliable

  • Despite its huge popularity in various markets, Bus Simulator Indonesia (BSI) offers the thrill of driving a bus. With a truly thorough examination of the vehicle, it gives you the feeling of driving.
  • Graphics and technology: BSI is full of high-resolution graphics and predictive technology, which allows you to feel like real life. With detailed vehicles and expert graphics, you get a full feel of the environment.
  • View of the route: BSI has pushed you to the limit, where you can go through all kinds of paths and different environments. It gives you a life-like experience.
  • Gameplay: The gameplay of Bus Simulator Indonesia is one of the best models. You can enjoy flying buses, driving on tracks, and progressing in various activities.
  • Graphics and Details: The graphics and details of Bus Simulator Indonesia give a sense of reality. The details everywhere, the firmness of the roads, and the shiny shadows of the vehicles give you a real challenge.

Features comparison between BUSSID v/s Mobile Bus Simulator

characteristicBus Simulator IndonesiaMobile Bus Simulator
GraphicsExcellent 3D graphics and detail
Nice 3D graphics
WaysWide selection of routesDifferent paths
Bus ModelsVarious bus models and detailsA few Mukhtar Bus models
Challenging modeVarious challenges and competitionsChallenging mode
GameplayGeographical fact indeedChallenging gameplay
Vehicle diversityVariety of vehicles and detailsLimited vehicle diversity
Traffic SystemAppropriate traffic systemExcellent traffic system
Sound effectsReally sound effectsNice sound effects
Advanced PhysicsReally advanced physicsGood physics
Length of distancesMoreordinary

Mobile Bus Simulator: New driving mode in mobile

Mobile Bus Simulator (MBS) is the latest and easiest bus simulator that gives you bus driving mode on mobile.

  • Tilt control and easy handling: MBS comes with easy handling and full control, giving you the best performance in a new choke.
  • Exclusively for mobile gaming: MBS is perfect for mobile gaming and lets you enjoy an easy and fun bus-driving experience.
  • Graphics and Details: Mobile Bus Simulator’s graphics are also commendable, but less flashy than Indonesia’s. There is a lack of detailed motivation that can be the most profitable income.
  • Gameplay: The gameplay of Mobile Bus Simulator is also interesting but it may be less when compared to Bus Simulator Indonesia.

Gathering and communication experience

  • The beauty of the route in Bus Simulator Indonesia: At BSI, the communication of seeing the beauty of different places is felt in reality. Sitting in your car, you see a new scene every time you travel.
  • Variety and delicious scenery in Mobile Bus Simulator: MBS is exclusive for mobile devices and gives you delicious views of different areas.

Sound effects and music

  • The sound excitement of Bus Simulator Indonesia: BSI includes a variety of realistic vehicle sounds, giving you the feeling of driving a real vehicle.
  • Mobile Bus Simulator music impression: MBS’s music and sound effects are also interesting, making you work harder while running.


Specialties of Bus Simulator Indonesia

  • Various locations: Bus Simulator Indonesia includes diverse locations that make the game more interesting.
  • Different vehicles: The game provides a variety of vehicles that help add more excitement to the gaming.

Specialties of Mobile Bus Simulator

  • Easy Gameplay: The gameplay of Mobile Bus Simulator is simple which makes it the best choice for new players.
  • Simple specifications: Different features in this game are more easy to complete which is helpful for new players.

Which one do you choose?


If you are fond of realistic aesthetics and challenging gameplay, then Bus Simulator Indonesia might be perfect for you.

Mobile bus simulator

If you are new and like simple gameplay then Mobile Bus Simulator may be suitable for you.


Bus Simulator Indonesia and Mobile Bus Simulator both support different mobile devices, but it’s up to you which experience you want. If you want the feeling of driving a car, BSI is perfect. Whereas if you want a delicious running mode on mobile then MBS is for you.


Answer: BSI is a popular vehicle simulator while MBS is specific to run on mobile.

Answer: It depends on your usage, BSI is better if you want a real driving feel, while MBS is best for mobile gaming.

Answer: Yes, BSI includes complete details of the vehicle, which provides a real driving experience.

Answer: MBS also has complete vehicle specifications, which gives you the best gaming experience on mobile.

Answer: BSI includes real vehicle sounds, which provide a realistic feeling while driving.

Answer: The music and sound effects of MBS are interesting, making for a delicious effort while playing.

Answer: Yes, both games run on different mobile devices and you can play on your favorite device.

Answer: No, the game data of both games are separate and cannot be transferred from one to the other.

Answer: Contact our support team to choose the best game for your device.

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