New competition in the world of bus simulator games! Experience the competition between Bus Simulator Indonesia and Brazilian Bus Simulator. Our team here will give you a full review of both simulators so that you can make good decisions about who won and who lost.

Features Comparison of BUSSID vs. BBS

DeveloperMaleo develop the gameDeveloped by IDBS International
OverviewBus Simulator Indonesia offers a unique experience that takes the world of communication into new shades. This game allows you to drive people around Indonesian cities and regions, driving a bus.New gaming trends are coming daily, and the Brazilian bus simulator has played its part in a new world. This game takes us out of normal gaming and leaves us with a new and inspiring perspective.
Graphics and VisualsIt turns the game into reality and FHD Graphics and amazing visuals.

Graphics lag on every device and bug problems.
Bus SelectionThis game provides different buses for different routes, like city buses, village buses, branded buses etcTui doubles Buses, Double Decker Double Dhamal Buses, and many different buses.

Interfaceeasy to understand and good.Extraordinary interface
Control and HandlingUnique and easily accessible and remember that your internet is stable.Everything is good but sometimes the break and camera are not working properly.
GameplayFast and non-stop if your internet connection is stableSame
Mobile & pcThis game provides different buses for different routes, like city buses, village buses, branded buses, etcYes, by using Bluestack and Memu player
Pricing/In-app PurchasingYes, bothsame
Multiplayer ModeyesNo


The specialty of Bus Simulator Indonesia is that it gives the gamer a real feeling of driving. The game details and graphics engage the gamer in an exciting experience.

The feeling of driving a bus in Brazil Bus Simulator is real. The game allows you to face different challenges, such as traffic, road obstacles, and different weather conditions.


One of the best features of Bus Simulator Indonesia’s graphics is the coloring. Everything in our game is clear and interesting. When you are waiting for the bus, you get all kinds of glimpses, like city lights, natural scenery, and every single detail.

Brazil Bus Simulator needs more creativity as graphics are lagging on every device. Only two buses are provided to you in this game.

A comprehensive comparison of B/W Bus Simulator Indonesia Vs Brazilian Bus Simulator

Bus simulators are becoming popular among gamers around the world, and the combination of Bus Simulator Indonesia and Brazil Bus Simulator provides the best experience for users searching on Google.

Bus Simulator Indonesia: How is it?

Bus Simulator Indonesia provides a premium gaming experience where you can enjoy driving a bus. This game gives you the best driving experience by driving in Indonesian cities. With realistic graphics and audio effects, this game is becoming popular in every market.

Features of Bussid

  • Map of cities that go.
  • A selection of different buses
  • Realistic traffic system
  • Easy handling and controls

Brazilian Bus Simulator: A Modern Gaming Covenant

Brazilian Bus Simulator is a new and exciting game that is gaining attention in the gaming world. The game offers you the opportunity to drive around beautiful Brazilian landscapes, and cities and drive different bus models.

Features of the Brazilian Bus Simulator

  • Beautiful scenery of Brazil
  • Explore different cities
  • Realistic gaming traffic
  • A selection of different bus models

Compare and choose

Which one is better

Both Bus Simulator Indonesia and Brazilian Bus Simulator provide the best gaming experience, but which one is better for you depends on your preferences.

Bus Simulator Indonesia or Brazilian Bus Simulator?

If you are interested in realistic cities, then Bus Simulator Indonesia is for you. If you want to get a chance to drive through the beautiful scenery of Brazil, Brazilian Bus Simulator is for you. Both games have different possibilities for realistic gaming traffic and easy handling.

End of speech

Bus Simulator Indonesia and Brazilian Bus Simulator both provide great gaming experiences and want your gaming interest and fun challenges. Both these games show you different worlds and make you feel like actually going places.


Bus Simulator Indonesia offers the magic of realistic cities, a selection of different buses, and a plethora of realistic traffic systems. While there, the Brazil Bus Simulator has attracted people to the beautiful scenery of Brazil, different bus models, and realistic gaming traffic.


Answer: The difference between the two games lies in different features and subjects. Bus Simulator Indonesia offers a selection of realistic cities and different buses, while the Brazilian Bus Simulator comes with Brazilian scenery and different bus models.

Answer: Depends on your preferences and gaming preferences. If you really want the feel of a city tour, then Bus Simulator Indonesia might be for you, while if you want to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Brazil, then Bus Simulator Brazil might be for you. .

Answer: Both games are available on different platforms, such as computer, mobile, and tablet. You can enjoy the game on your favorite platform.

Answer: Yes, both games can be played online and you can compete with friends or other players around the world.

Answer: Both the games come with different challenging levels that engage the users in hard work and challenges. Bus Simulator Indonesia has realistic city driving and traffic challenges, while the Brazilian Bus Simulator keeps you engaged with the beautiful scenery of Brazil and challenging different bus models.

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