This is a step-by-step guide about Bussid Mod APK vs. VBS.

Overview of Bussid

Maleo developed the game. Bussid has some crucial game features that set it apart from other games. Different types of buses are provided within the game, like city buses, transit buses, and hunt buses. Each bus is famous for its characteristics. Various challenges and difficulties within the game make a player a pro. So, in this article, we will discuss the Bussid Mod APK Vs VBS.

This is a step-by-step guide about Bussid Mod APK vs. VBS.

In this topic, Bussid Mod APK V/s VBS.

Overview of VBS

IDBS International develops VBS games. This is an excellent simulation game that provides a different and exciting experience. This game makes the player feel like they are driving a bus in an exciting and beautiful city in Vietnam. The game’s realistic graphics and visually beautiful environments showcase the glory of Vietnam.

Graphics and visuals of Bussid

The graphics and visuals of Bussid are excellent. They paint Indonesia, from the city’s sounds to the countryside’s charming colors. Buses are amazing; whatever bus you drive, the reality will be seen.

 Graphics and visuals Bussid Mod APK Vs VBS

VBs extend the visual. Vietnam is one of the most beautiful countries in Southeast Asia; that’s why they made the Vietnam game. When it comes to bus games, they are different from other bus games, and they look good.

Pros and Cons of Bussid

I already discussed the pros and cons of bussid in previous articles. Please go and read them.

Pros and Cons of VBs

The graphics and sound quality are classic.Fewer Buses
Enabled by the virtualization of rural landscapes Left Side Mirror Only Works
Offering quality length for the moneyA Lot of bugs
Connect with fellow gamers.The game will freeze for some time while you are playing.
Excellent Multitaskingless customization of buses
Making the gaming experience a personalized experienceAfter refilling the tank, the fuel runs out very quickly.

Bus Selection

Both games provide different types of buses.

  • On Bussid, there will be an opportunity to select a specific bus, and you can drive your favorite bus.
  • In VBs, you are given two buses from the start, much less than Bussid.


  • In Bussid, the home screen is where you can launch the game. This game provides various and easy options, like continuing new games and settings. This game is straightforward to play for a new player.
  • Vbs, the interface of this game is not friendly; whether you are a new or old player, this game is challenging for both players. However, this game’s simple controls and graphics highlight the game interface. 

Bus Customization of Bussid Mod APK Vs VBS

  • In Bussid, you can design your bus. You can change tires, change colors, and change headlights. Please change it to whatever you want. You can add your logo to your bus to make it stand out.
  • In VBS, you can customize your bus, but only to a limited extent. VBS does not offer many options for bus customization. VBS has very few downloaders on the Play Store as compared to Bussid.

Can we play Bussid on PC?

You can play Bussid on PC using BlueStack, Memo Player, and LD Player. These players can also play any game you play on your Android PC.

Can we play VBS on PC?

Yes, by using these players: blue stack, memo player, and LD player. If your experience is better than other players, you can use it, too.

Do both Provide Premium and modded features?

Both have premium features, but Bussid has more features than VBS. I recommend you download the Bussid Mod Apk.

Bussid Weather Effects And Time of Day

Feel what I am writing; you will see realistic rain and sunrise, and you will love a realistic morning.

VBS Weather Effects And Time of The Day

Day, night, and weather effects: The graphics of this game are not that good, but rain makes the game’s roads perfect; it looks like the leaves of the trees are falling to the ground.

Bussid Traffic System

In Bussid, the streets of this game are bustling day and night. Stopping vehicles at traffic light signals. It’s all completely fascinating.

VBS Traffic System

Vibrant traffic and dynamic roads in VBS are thrilling and fascinating.

Game Maps

  • In Bussid, you can install any map and play the game. There are no restrictions on you; you can do whatever you want.
  • In VBS, the number of maps inside this game is deficient, but this game attracts people because of its beauty. Five different maps within Vietnam provide different views and directions.

Bussid Mod APK V/s VBS.

There may be some differences between the Bus Simulator Indonesia and the Vietnam Bus Simulator. Both games share the same bus-driving experience but with different elements. The graphics and music systems of both games are their hallmarks.

VBs will give you a business-like experience. But it includes its various cities and locations. In this game, you will see different scenes, cultures, and traditions while traveling around these areas by bus.

VBS and BUSSID—both of these games provide you with a real-life learning experience. These games allow players to visit different locations and see their beautiful cities. This makes the player more interested in the game. 


Bussid offers a variety of climates. VBS shines because of its beauty. Both games offer a thrilling journey. In these two games, you can see different beautiful scenes. Because both games have their beauty. Both simulators have created responsibility and standing. These games can be played on PC and mobile via BlueStack and Memo Player. Now, it is up to you to play it on your mobile device or PC.


Both have the same weather; there is no difference.

Absolutely yes. This game will give you a natural feel for driving on the road.

Oh yes, you will see different times and weather in a day in this game.

VBS leans into VBS culture, while Bussid delves into Indonesian elements.

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