Legacy SR bus vs Srikandi bus in Bussid 2023

Advancement in the travel and transportation sector is essential in today’s technology era. It has a standard means of travel, buses that transport people to activities in different cities and regions.

Here, we will discuss the difference between the Legacy SR bus vs Srikandi bus in Bussid and how it affects your journey.

Legacy SR bus vs Srikandi bus in Bussid 2023

Legacy SR Bus

Legacy SR Bus is part of a leading transport company that travels across various regions. These buses are famous for their excellent quality services and people choose them for their trips.

The Legacy SR bus provides all the facilities. These buses usually run late and help transport passengers to a specific destination.

Srikandi Bus

Srikandi Bus is also part of a leading transport company that connects various cities. It has its center in different areas, and it follows different paths. This bus is mainly used in Bus Simulator Indonesia mod apk.

The Srikandi bus also offers standard services like scenic views and comfortable seats. These buses are suitable for different schemes and trips in other cities.

The difference between Legacy SR bus vs Srikandi bus in Bussid

How to reach the goal

  • A Legacy SR bus is usually dedicated to different cities and transports passengers to a single destination.
  • Srikandi bus operates on different routes and transports passengers to different destinations.


  • The Legacy SR bus has various amenities like TV, chicken, and tea. But in the game, these facilities are not available. I hope the next update fulfills these facilities.
  • Srikandi bus also includes standard services but provides different commuting and comfortable seats.

Routes and Number of Routes

  • Legacy SR bus is usually limited to different cities and has a fixed number of routes.
  • Srikandi bus connects different cities and has many routes, taking passengers to different destinations.

Timing and running time

  • The Legacy SR bus often runs late; a trip usually takes longer.
  • The Srikandi bus runs early, and a trip usually takes less time.

Ticket Price

  • Legacy SR bus tickets are usually more expensive but offer full facilities.
  • Srikandi bus tickets are usually reasonably priced, allowing people to travel in large numbers.

Features of Legacy SR bus

World-class design

The design of the Legacy SR Bus is in line with worldwide standards. Its stunning and impressive exclusive design provides a sense of fulfillment to every passenger.

Aerial vaccine, in short

The width and height of the Legacy SR Bass air intake meet global standards. It provides passengers with a comfortable and clean space to enjoy their journey.

Entrainment System

The high-tech entertainment system incorporated in the Legacy SR Bus provides a delicious and exciting experience during your journey.

Features of Srikandi Bus

Complete Comforts and Air Experience

Srikandi Bus provides passengers with a complete and comfortable experience. Being fully aware of the interior condition of the ship always ensures a perfect journey as per expectations.

High phenology

Srikandi Bus has made its place in the world of high technology. It always adopts new and advanced technology to provide travelers with the best.


Finally, Legacy SR Bus and Srikandi Bus transport people to different destinations through major and minor communications. Each has its temperament and needs, which make them different from each other.

If you want complete services and travel to various destinations, Srikandi Bus can be a good choice. However, if you want to travel longer with full facilities, the Legacy SR bus may suit you.


You can choose your preferences while considering your needs and expectations during your travel planning. Legacy SR Bus and Srikandi Bus are possible modes of transport that can easily take you to your chosen destination.

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