Bus Simulator Indonesia Mod APK for iPhone (Unlimited Money, Fuel).

This is a bus-driving game developed by MALEO. It is a very popular game all over the world. But most players won’t be able to freely access premium features on iPhone. But in this post we will discuss how to download and install Bus Simulator Indonesia Mod APK for iPhone, or you will play this game on PC.

Bus Simulator Indonesia Mod APK for iPhone

As most of the player know the chipset of iPhone is much better then the other Android devices. So the game performance will be depends on the processor.

How to download and install it.

The process of download and install is so simple.


  • Go to the top press the download button.
  • You will get the file in your file manager.
  • Go the file manager and click on the icon of the game.
  • It will ask some permission.
  • Then press the allow button.
  • Now you installation is start.
  • Go to the app section you will got a bus simulator indonesia game icon click on it.
  • Now it will take some time for a loading.
  • Create your account and play it.


A large number of major cities in Indonesia in Bus Simulator contains the actual names of cities in the country of Indonesia. This game will have 3D graphics, realistic picture quality and best quality map, weather conditions, sunny and rainy weather, and realistic sound of rain. The vehicles are running like real ones.


controls of that game is much better. the player can control this game while tuch the display. There is no any complexity during the gameplay about the controls. So, this game will create a more fun for the player.


In this you will get unlimited buses and every bus contain a different power and speed to move on the road. These buses are well designed and have a best mechanics. The user will get a best driving experience with these buses.


Graphics make the game more attractive. If we are strict about the graphics of Bus Simulator Indonesia, it is the best game in the whole world with real graphics and very beautiful design. Buses are super scenic. Roads and trees give a next-level feeling of driving. The sound of rain and accelerator will increase the game level.

Offline compatibility

In this you will get an offline compatibility. You will play this game without any data connection and no Wi-Fi. You will find everything freely in offline mode. This game is designed according to the needs of the player.

Ios System Requirements

  • iOS 12.0 or later
  • iPad 12.0 or later
  • Memory: at least 2 GB of free space

Evolution of Bus Simulator Indonesia Mod APK for iPhone.

Early stages

The game started with basic graphics and operations.

New models

Over time, new bus models were added, which increased game interest.

Urban scenes

Added complete maps and stages of various cities.

Buses styles

The game also includes different styles and features of the buses, such as different types of engines and transmissions.


Various updates improved audio effects, graphics, and controls.

Mod Features

Unlimited money

You will get unlimited money by downloading and installing this game on iPhone. Most of the mods are not working on iPhone but this mod is working very well. So, go and download this mod and install it on your iPhone. This unlimited amount will help purchase various parts to customize the bus. High number of money mean high number of resources.

Unlimited fuel

This mod will help you get unlimited fuel. This unlimited fuel will help cover a long distance. This is the best part for you to rank your account at a high level.

No Ads

Ads during gameplay will interfere with simple games in Indonesia but this mod will not allow any ads during gameplay, so it is up to you which is the best simple or modded version of the game.

Unlimited customization

After installing this game on your device you will customize your bus to the top level because of the huge amount of money you have. If your bus runs fast then this is the best option for you to get high points and good reviews from customers.

Unlimited Bus Skins

Bus skins have been added to the game to play on iPhones. If you prefer a different type of bus skin for this, you need to select the bus skin that is already included in this mod.

Pros and Cons

Game Requirements for iOS

  • iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch with iOS 10.0 or later
  • Stable internet connection
  • For iOS, 2 GB of free Space

Tips and Tricks

A bit of experience

Spend some time in training mode before starting this game to experience the gameplay.

Knowledge of game controls

To understand the game controls, you need to learn the handles and operating systems of different buses.

Knowledge of different routes

It is important to know the different cities and routes so that you have the best route and traffic information.

Improve yourself

You have to drive better in the future to improve yourself so that your experience is better.

Some of Simulator Indonesia’s top features


Running Bus Simulator Indonesia Mod Apk on iPhone is not difficult just follow all the steps discussed above install it on your device and run it without any errors. This game will no any bad effects on your device.


What is a bus simulator Indonesia?

Bus Indonesia is a video game in which players drive a bus to pick up and drop off passengers as if they were driving a real vehicle.

On which platform can it be played?

Bus Simulator is available on both mobile devices, computers and iPhone.

What is its main theme?

It allows you to drive vehicles and travel to different locations, such as different regions of Indonesia.

Does it have a selection of different vehicles?

Yes, Bus Simulator Indonesia offers a wide selection of vehicles that cater to all types of travel needs.

Bus Simulator Indonesia Mod APK for iPhone free to Download
Bus Simulator Indonesia Mod APKIOS Unlimited Money Fuel 1

If you want to download the mod of bus simulator for iOS then you need to download this mod and install it on your system.

Price Currency: USD

Operating System: iOS

Application Category: Game

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