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Request Android4.2+
Komban Bus Skin

As you know the bus simulator Indonesia is one of the high played games all over the world and it contains different buses in this you will get another bus skin of the BUSSID is Komban us skin this skin is fully modified according to to the player’s needs.

This developer made this game under the need of the simulation lovers. In this game, you will experience the bus driving skills in Indonesia.

You will enjoy the different features of BUSSID freely without spending any money by downloading this game. You can also download the Legacy SR2 XHD Tronton 06122023 freely.

What is KOMBAN skin?

The Bus Simulator Indonesia has launched this skin with the latest modifications and premium features. If you want to enjoy driving, download this skin now.


  • Data saved online or offline
  • Online multiplayer feature is present
  • Very smooth driving experience
  • Drive the fast Indonesian buses
  • High-quality graphics
  • 3D models are shown on the sides of the road
  • Well maintained streets
  • Multiple short routes

How to download?

  • To add this mod to your BUSSID.
  • First, download this game by clicking the download button below
  • Komban is the best action komban bus.
  • Freely download and install the Bus Komban app for Android. The Process of download and install is easy.

Download the KOMBAN Bus Livery

If you are searching for a realistic gaming experience then I strongly suggest this game to polish your bus driving skills freely.

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